Entertainment Interactive is a nimble, adventurous multi-media creative agency,  specializing in creating, acquiring and distributing interactive content across digital and traditional platforms. Our portfolio features a diverse list of holdings that include television, ebooks, comics, mobile apps and athletic combine testing.


Our Integrated Approach: 

How We Gain Brand Involvement & Participation Strategy

  • Brand Development

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Content Strategy

  • Consultation

  • Marketing Research

We imagine, design, and engineer brand programs and platforms for today’s most innovative companies. Partnering with an agency is an investment in the future of your business. A great campaign can make your month, bring you into the black, and help your bottom line. A great marketing agency partnership can establish your reputation, tell your story with a clearly-defined voice, build on success to grow your company and support your ongoing goals. As a retained partner in this process, we can step it up and become proactive partners with strategies for long-term planning and short-term problem-solving.


Get Started

step 1

Let’s set up a first session to listen to your needs and establish an understanding of what you are looking for in an agency--we want to hear your story


step 2

With your unique needs in mind, we will craft a plan and build a team that best meets your needs and expectations

step 3

EI will come back to you with a marketing and implementation solution that represents the best of our resources and creative thinking to successfully evolve your business and build your brand storyline