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RadioNation Djs


RadioNation DJ's is an Elite group of National On-Air Radio Personalities across the country. RadioNation DJ'swas created with the belief that we are Trend Setters and Tastemakers in our various markets across the United States. RadioNation DJ's have the power to motivate people, set trends and market brands that influence consumers to make purchases and important decisions. Our current roster of Radio Personalities endorse and promote many Fortune 500 companies, including but not limited to: Sprint, AT&T, Jack Daniels Honey, Akoo, Avion, ZICO Water, Monster Headphones, Ciroc, Ford and Coors Light. We have on-air talent strategically located throughout all the markets in the USA- Washington DC, Baltimore, Detroit MI, Miami FL, Charlotte NC, Atlanta GA, New York NY, Chicago IL, New Orleans LA, and Memphis TN. In conclusion, we have our finger on the pulse of America through our voice and personal social media sites. Let us take your product, company and/or event to the next level.

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