We liberate viewers from the confines of one-way entertainment by making fully immersive content & experiences. Simply put, “we drop the viewer into the TV show sort of like a video game."


Interactive Storytelling | Creative Development | Esports | Mobile Apps | & More ...

 We help brands and agencies tell stories by merging technology and entertainment.

  • Entertainment Interactive represents the best of what is new, bold and untapped in the areas of Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Design and Marketing Strategy. 


  • We are a niche, results-oriented creative agency based in Atlanta, but delivering Hollywood quality results.   


  • We merge technology and entertainment to connect with your audience and create authentic and emotional experiences at every consumer touch point.


  • Our diverse and dynamic team looks at your brand story from every angle to ensure that we reach your consumers where, how and when they want brand interaction.  We strive to excite, engage and continually surprise your customers to make them your best brand stewards!


The EI team is committed to work in partnership with every client to evaluate your market dynamics, demographics, competitive environment and sales goals to create that unique storyline that only your business can tell...


Our versatile and savvy team brings background and experience from an integrated perspective to combine the best in traditional  and digital channels for the ultimate seamless brand experience....


Guided by the marketing plan, the EI creative team develops the content, powerful imagery and messaging that supports your strategy.  We ensure that an emotional bond and consumer connection to your brand is present in every creative tactic....



EI sets the right expectations, puts the right resources in place and partners with our clients to communicate each phase of our campaign.  From there we build out our timeline and tasks,....


“We are making the future of entertainment happen today!”

We merge Influencers and technology with quality content production that feeds into live event experiences. In addition to our current working relationship with some exciting brands we would like to develop more partnerships too create vertically integrated media. We can aid in your speedy transition into digital media with professional experience and innovative thinking.


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